Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Surprise Visit to Washington

So are you following what our July looked like? Here’s an outline-

July 6-10 My sister Corinne stayed with us.

July 12 We closed on our home in Farmington, UT.

July 12-15 Kyle’s family stayed with us and we played at Lagoon and did a little clean up at our house.

July 16-20 We moved into our new home and spent the week off and on with my parents.

July 20-25 We drove to Washington and visited with Kyle’s family again (while my family was still in Utah).

July 26-28 We spent our time with my family and enjoyed seeing extended family during my cousin Cameron’s wedding festivities.

Crazy busy, don’t you think? It’s so funny, it always seems to be that when one of our families comes into town the other one soon follows. This month it was complete overlap, every other week. But we loved it- it’s great to have family around, especially since we don’t live near them.

The last part of our month I haven’t blogged about is our trip home to Washington.

Kyle’s Mom celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday July 21st. His aunt Jen planned a surprise party for her. So, even though we had just seen Kyle’s parents the week before, we drove home to Washington to surprise her for her birthday. Kyle’s brother Kris rode with us. We split up the drive in two halves. We stopped in Nampa, ID and stayed the night with Kyle’s Grandpa Hill. We were able to stick around a little extra long in the morning and went out to breakfast with him. On our drive back to Utah we were also able to stop and go out to lunch with him as well. We don’t see him very often, so it was fun to be able to spend some time with him.

When we arrived in Kennewick his mom was floating the pool. So stopped at a rest stop and quickly put on swim suits. In the house Kyle and Kris quietly made their way out to the pool and jumped in on their mom and aunt Jen. Sherri was confused but also very excited to see them. I helped Hailey out to the pool and we spent sometime enjoying the sun.

pool time 2 up 

Dinner was another surprise. We ate at Azteca Mexican Restraunt, where Sherri had extended family she hadn’t seen in years waiting to surprise her. There were 25 of us at dinner!

Azteca 2 up

After dinner we went back to the house for cake, games and visiting.


We spent the rest of our time in Kennewick in the pool, Kyle went golfing, and I relaxed from our busy/stressful week of moving.  We also took a walk down to the pond and fed the ducks. Hailey loved playing with Kyle’s cousins. She had so much fun!

Feeding the ducks

We love visiting Kennewick. It always feels so good to be back where we grew up. Bruchi’s called- twice, in case you were wondering. :)

We hope you had a great birthday Rara Hill! Thanks for letting us crash the party! (And thank you for the pictures- since I didn’t get my camera out once.)


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! We are so sad that we missed you.

  2. Thank YOU for the great birthday surprise!!!! That was the best birthday ever!!! I just wish you all could have stayed longer !!! :)



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