Friday, August 3, 2012


Well, July is gone. And it left in a hurry. Our July was busy, busy, busy. Good busy. Family and fun busy.

To start with, my sister Corinne came and stayed at our house for a few days. But I’m lame and didn’t take any pictures. We are glad she visited with us for a little while and enjoyed having her here.

Two days after Corinne left Kyle’s parents and sister came into town. We went to a Yanni concert in SLC with Kyle’s family. I was a little skeptical- I didn’t really know anything about Yanni. I thought he played the cello. Not true. Well, he probably does, but that isn’t what he’s known for. He is an amazing composer and performs on the keyboard and piano. The concert was actually incredibly entertaining. I loved it. Again, no pictures.

The next day we spent the afternoon at Lagoon, again with Kyle’s family. We all had a blast. It was Hailey’s first time on a roller coaster. And she loved it. Kyle had been prepping her for weeks. He taught her to raise her arms up and scream. She was prepared and super excited.


We started her off slow with a few kiddie rides. She enjoyed them, but really… those aren’t roller coasters.

Enter Bombora.

Lagoon 2

Hailey barely made the 36” minimum height restriction. But barely was enough to allow her to ride. At 2 1/2 we took Hailey on her first legitimate roller coaster. And she loved it!

I really wasn’t so sure what to think. It was big and it was fast. It wasn’t anything crazy, but she’s only 2. Kyle said that as the roller coaster climbed up Hailey put her hands up in the air. And then once they got going she couldn’t keep her head up. The force of the roller coaster pushed her head down, so Kyle spent the ride holding her head back. After getting off the ride she was all smiles. She said to her Aunt Brittany, “I put my head down!” Which we all laughed about.

After that ride we put her on a few more tame kiddie rides. But she kept pointing at the bigger rides and asking to ride those. I’m glad Kyle will have a roller coaster buddy in the future, because they really aren’t my thing.

IMG_7092_touch up

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  1. That is so crazy she enjoyed the roller coaster and didn't freak. What a tough girl! She looks so much bigger than the last time we saw her.



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