Thursday, July 5, 2012


07.05.12_touch upPlaying in the rain.

It has been so hot and dry here the past few weeks. There have been many wildfires threatening and destroying homes. Today it finally rained! What a happy sight!

Hailey was excited about the rain. So much so that she grabbed her shoes and jacket and headed outside to play all on her own. I heard the screen door close and ran outside to see her running down the sidewalk in the water. My first instinct was to be upset and force her back inside. And then I thought, am I really that heartless and boring? Well, yes, most of the time. But, today I chose to relax for a few minutes, grabbed a jacket and shoes and headed outside to play with Hailey. We ran and splashed in the rain. And then I forced her back inside to take a nap.

I often feel like a cruel mother who is too strict and never willing to have fun. (Don’t let the blog fool you- I typically only post the good and fun things we do.) And then I feel bad for Hailey, that she has to put up with me all day long. Poor child. I’m glad on occasion she reminds me that taking a break and enjoying the moments are most important. Too bad I don’t do that often enough.


  1. That's so cute. I remember playing in the rain when I was little. :) You're such an awesome mom!

  2. You are too hard on yourself Renae! You are a good mommy! Naps are important too. Love ya and miss ya!



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