Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We started out celebrating America’s independence with a trip to the splash pad. 

splash pad

Hailey of course had a blast. Kyle and I had fun watching her go crazy in the water. How about those sunglasses? Totally a coincidence that they matched her swimsuit.

For dinner we grilled up some turkey burgers on our indoor Panini grill. They were pretty good. Not quite the same as a real beef hamburger, but a worthy substitute. We also had some corn on the cob, which was so good. I absolutely love corn on the cob. And we picnicked outside in our small enclosed yard.


After dinner we got out some big time fireworks: sparklers and pop-its. Hailey had a lot of fun. Maybe someday we’ll shovel out a little money on some real fireworks. But for her age, I think these were good enough.

sparklers and pop its

Happy Birthday America!

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