Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum

My parents came into town the very same weekend Kyle’s parents were here visiting. They were staying for 2 weeks (one week for work meetings for my Dad in SLC and another week for my cousin’s wedding), so after spending the weekend with Kyle’s family, we spent the next week with my family. Unfortunately for them, that week was mostly spent moving. They were a HUGE help in letting us pack their car full and take many loads from our Bountiful apartment to our Farmington house. We tried to squeeze in a little bit of fun, so it wasn’t all moving. We were able to take Hailey and her friend Ellie to the zoo one morning. That was a lot of fun, especially since we were able to see the Hogle Zoo’s new Rocky Shores exhibit, featuring seals, sea lions, otters and a polar bear. But of course I didn’t take any pictures…

Poor Hailey’s schedule was all messed up, between moving and family, her naps were lacking and her bedtime was often late (10-11 pm).

IMG_3672_touch up Hailey did get to catch a nice nap on the couch with her Papa Park one afternoon.

We spent that Friday-Wednesday (July 21-25) in Washington, again with Kyle’s family. I’ll post on that later.

We spent the rest of the next weekend, Thursday-Saturday (July 26-28) with my family again. This time my parents stayed with us, so we were able to spend more time together. On Saturday, my cousin Cameron married his super cute wife Janet in the Draper LDS Temple. Their reception was Friday evening at Thanksgiving Point. We decided to take advantage of being at Thanksgiving Point and went down early to take Hailey to the Dinosaur Museum (The Museum of Ancient Life).

IMG_3674_touch up

She loved it! We went at the right time, it was practically empty. Which was super great, because it meant Hailey could have a little bit of extra free reign. She loved the dinosaurs- but was also a little extra cautious of them. She liked looking at them, but a little nervous about getting close to one.

IMG_3676_touch up

Taking Hailey to these types of museums is kind of nice, because we can spend just enough time looking at things, but not too much time going over everything that it gets long. We just look and move on.

It was really great to have my parents in town- especially for so long. I’m grateful they were such great sports in helping us move and relieving a bit of my stress. I’m also glad we were able to spend some time playing and enjoying their company. Hailey really enjoys having her grandparents around. We wish we were closer to both sets. We’re slowly inching our way North (Provo to Bountiful to Farmington)… :)

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  1. Such a cute picture of Hailey and your dad!



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