Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kacey: 1 Month

Kacey turns 6 weeks old today. I guess it's about time I post some 1 month pictures of her. 2 months will be here before I know it! 

Kacey is a generally content baby. Except for when she's hungry, or needs to burp, or is tired, or who knows what... No really, she is a great baby, and I think much like any other newborn, she has her moments. Also like any other newborn she is growing like a weed! She eats every 2-3 hours, even at night. I'm ok with it, even if I can hardly keep my eyes open while feeding her. At least she usually quickly falls back to sleep, and so do I. By 6:30 or so she's usually up for a bit, ready to play. Somedays if she eats earlier at about 5:30 I can get her back to sleep and hold off her waking until 8. I love that, it means I can get in a much needed extra hour of sleep!

Kacey holds her head up like a champ and tolerates tummy time relatively well. At least for a few minutes, and then she squawks to be picked up. The funnest thing has been the beginning of smiles. When she is full and well rested we can coax a few smiles out of her. I think she gives smiles the easiest to Hailey. Though of course Kyle can is able to get some fun ones out of her too. Dads just know how to play and have fun with kids, even as babies.

This little Kacey girl melts my heart. I admit to being a bit unsure of how I would feel adding a third child to our family. Of course immediately we've all fallen in love with her. It is amazing how much love is instantly created after the birth of a baby. I loved her in the womb, but I love her so much more now, and am feeling much more comforted and content with the addition of a third child. Sometimes life is crazy and we are an hour late to a play date, but life goes on and we get there eventually. Most of the time things are good and sometimes we're even on time! Hailey and Keira are great to play together and fend for themselves. In fact, I feel a bit guilty for spending so much time with Kacey, but this time is short lived and soon will pass. I better enjoy it while it's here. 

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  1. Sounds like you're adjusting well! She looks so cute. Happy one month!



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