Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keira-isms: 2 1/2 years

Keira is a naturally funny girl. There is a certain innate quirkiness about her that just makes her funny. She is enthusiastic, never short on something to say, and has a good sense of logic that just makes certain conversations funny. Here's the latest in a batch of funny things she has said or done that I've recorded.

1. While reading a library book about a farm we came to a page depicting a cow with a large udder (above picture). Keira saw the cow, pointed to the udder and said, "Uh oh pig!"

2. Driving in the car Keira became upset with Hailey for looking out the window on her side of the car. "Heeeey Hailey! No look my picture!"

3. After spending some time outside doing yard work, Keira had a small potty accident while wearing her favorite skirt. Our conversation went like this: 

Renae: "You go up to the bathroom."
Keira: "You go up to the bathroom."
Renae: "No, you go. You peed your pants."
Keira: "You peed your pants."
Renae: "No, you peed your pants."
Keira: "I peed my skirt."

4. Hailey has recently gotten into attempting to tell jokes. The girls have been introduced to the idea of the knock knock joke. Sitting around the kitchen table the girls were telling their own jokes. Keira's went:

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
(brief pause...) I don't know!

5. Over the 4th of July the girls and Kyle spent a few hours at Lagoon with Kyle's family that was in town. Keira had her hair in a ponytail (which she insists on everyday when I make her do her hair). Keira rode on Odyssey, a ride with different ocean animals that sprays water. One of the animals on the ride is a shark. When Keira got off the ride her ponytail was gone. Kyle asked her, "Keira, where is your ponytail?" She replied in all seriousness, while motioning with her hands to where her ponytail once was, "The shark ate it! He bit it off!"

Keira's pirate face. "Arrrr..."

6. About to leave for church, Keira asked to ride on my back. "A ride to where?" I asked. "To the car" she said. "You can just walk" I said. Then she exclaimed completely stunned, "Walk to church!?"

7. One afternoon Hailey spent a few hours playing at her friend Cate's house, who lives across the street and halfway around the block from us. Kyle had just come home from work and I needed to go pick Hailey up. Kyle had gone up to our bedroom when I asked Keira if she'd like to come along or stay. She said she wanted to stay with her dad. I said ok and walked out the front door to walk over to Cate's. I had been a Cate's for a few minutes talking with Dawn when their doorbell rang. When the door was opened there stood Keira. After I had left she had decided she did want to come with me and had put on her shoes and left she house. She crossed the street, walked around the block, and rang the doorbell all on her own. I was shocked! Partially upset and partially proud of her. My 2 year old navigated the neighborhood all on her own. In the meantime by the time Kyle had come back downstairs from the bedroom both of us were gone, so he had assumed Keira was with me. Thank goodness she knew her way, because we each thought the other person had Keira with them. This happened just a week after I had lost Keira at the library and had librarians looking for her. She had gone outside and was sitting alone on a bench patiently waiting.

8. Just last week I was heading out the door with all 3 girls to meet up with Kyle at Chick-fil-A for some free dinner for Cow Appreciation Day. I opened the door from the house to the garage and set Kacey in her car seat down on the cement while the other two girls filed into the garage. With my back turned to the girls, I pushed the button to open the garage door, slipped on my shoes and bent down to pick Kacey's car seat up. As I did so I heard screaming. Real, terrified screaming. I turned around to see the garage door all the way up with Keira dangling from it. She had taken an accidental ride on the door as it went up. She was holding on for dear life with her arms stretched out and her feet dangling. I wish I had a picture of it. But of course I dashed to her rescue and grabbed her before she could fall and get hurt. And then I tried to hold in a laugh.

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