Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hidden Treasures at DI

On Saturday, Kyle and I took a little trip to DI in search of anything cool. We were actually pretty surprised at what we were able to find. We spent a total of $5.75 and came away with a picture frame, stringed light things, and candle holders.

Kyle took the picture frame, sanded it down and spray painted it black. He then sanded a little bit of the spray paint off, to give it an antique look. It's pretty cool. We only have one picture up right now... more to come in the future.

He then super glued the stringed lights together, and put them in the candle holders. They look pretty cool. Definitely an inexpensive and unique lamp.

We want to be frequent DI shoppers, in hopes that maybe we can have a really cool house from the cheap old things that we find. It's fun and exciting to find something cool there. Yes, we're lame, I know.

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