Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Kyle has a pretty hectic month ahead of him. His application to the Industrial Design program is due on April 1, his term paper for English 316 is due April 4, and his History of Creativity project is due on April 5. It's going to be kind of nuts-o for a few weeks. It'll feel good once it's all over. Even though it's all Kyle's projects, I know I am going to be up late helping him with things. Not because I need to, or even because he wants me to (he may not even want me to help him...), but because I want to help. Sometimes it's hard to see him so busy, with homework and things. I wish I could just do it all for him, or at least part of it. He'll get through it, and then it'll feel good to be done.

I'm getting really excited for Kyle to apply to the ID program. The stuff he is working on right now looks really good. I'm really impressed with the stuff he has been producing recently. He definitely has a talent. I really want him to look forward to working on his homework and going to class. I honestly enjoyed my last two years at BYU. I really liked my major classes. I didn't always mind doing the homework and readings. I hope he enjoys Industrial Design, like I enjoyed Speech-Language Pathology.

Right now (and always) I'm going through a should I go back to school to get my Master's, or do I just keep working...? What exactly do I want to do with my life!? Ever since I withdrew from classes at the University of Utah I have had this question hanging over my head. There are days when I definitely wish I was back in school, and then other days when I'm content with how things are going right now. I wish someone could just tell me what to do with my life. Too bad it's all up to me.

Today was so nice outside!! It was awesome! I so hope it's here to stay. I want to go play outside, like longboarding, and go slacklining. I also really want to reorganize our apartment. It is an organizational disaster! The big problem is mainly our bedroom. We have so much... stuff... that it is just kind of thrown where ever. I really want to go through it and clean it up, and reorganize. The problem is that I don't have anywhere to put it! I'm hoping to be able to acquire some organizational tools to help me out. We will see, that costs money...

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