Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're Moving!

So, it happened really quickly, but Kyle and I found a 2 bedroom apartment in West Provo, and we're moving there tomorrow. We found it last week. Our rent is going up about $75, so we found a place that is going to charge just as much, but has an extra bedroom and a washer and dryer. Pretty sweet. The only problem is that we have not yet sold our contract for our current apartment. We had some people who were going to take it over, and then they backed out at the last minute. That's super frustrating!! So... now we're still trying to get someone to take it over for us... Moving may not have been the smartest thing for us to do... but it will all work out. I guess we have a lesson to learn from this. So, I'm slightly excited to move, because it'll be fun to be in a new place, but I'm also slightly not excited to move, because we haven't found anyone to buy our contract yet. This summer is going to be interesting...

Kyle started spring classes yesterday. He loved his classes! Sounds like he's really going to enjoy Industrial Design. This term he will be learning how to sketch and be creative, and visualize things... he thinks it's cool, that's what's important. His professor said that the classes are graded on a curve... so he has to compete between his classmates. Kyle wasn't upset by that, because they are all competing to get into the program anyway... (yes, he has to apply AGAIN... in August). Kyle said he even is competing against his TA... his TA is applying for the same year as Kyle in August. Anyway, Kyle is really excited about his classes, and is excited to learn about Industrial Design. I'm super excited for him as well.

Umm... that's about it for our news. I am still scrapbooking, and spending all of my free time scrapbooking. I still feel like I'm not very good at it, or very creative. I guess it just takes practice. I tried to post some more scrapbook pages on here the other day, but it didn't work. I'll try again some other time.

This post is lame... I have no pictures to post. Maybe after we move I'll take pictures of our new apartment and post them on here, that would be good.


  1. You're moving!! Yes, that's awesome. I'm excited for you. Is it the one by DI that we talked about? I hate moving, so good luck. But that is super exciting.

  2. Renae! I saw that you had a blog on facebook! I'm so glad you guys are moving...that place can't be serious charging that much now! We found an apartment with 2 bedrooms and a washer and dryer for 600 when we get back to P Town as well! :)



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