Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been a while...

With our lack of internet at home I really haven't had any time to post or upload anything to our blog. The only way I ever check my e-mail is at work. I've been busy at work the past few weeks and have had no time to get online. Sometimes I feel kind of lost without internet at home. It's working out ok... Kyle gets more homework done without access to youtube.

This past week Kyle's family was in town. It was fun to hang out with them. We spent a day in Salt Lake, shopped, and played the wii. They brought their wii so Kyle had to live it up and enjoy it while we had it. Kyle was also enjoying a week off from school, so it was nice to have him home.

We went camping in Zion's National Park this past weekend. That was awesome! I had never been there before, but now I definitely want to go back sometime. We hiked a hike called Angel's Landing, and the Narrows. Angel's landing is crazy, it's so high up there. At the top it gets pretty narrow, so there are chains for you to hold on to, to avoid falling hundreds of feet to the ground... it was nuts. The narrows was really fun because it was hiking through the river. It was a really fun way to cool off and enjoy the water. Of course, sadly I don't have any pictures to post...

Kyle starts summer term today. He survived spring term, and now he gets to do it all over again. He's doing really well in his classes and is really enjoying himself. It's a lot of work, but it'll pay off. Kyle's professors decided at the end of spring term that they were going to let all of the students know where they stand as far as getting into the program in August. They went through and actually ranked each student. Kyle was tied for first! He's really excited and super relieved to know that he's on track for acceptance to the program. Summer term is still just as important as spring term, so he still really needs to work hard. He also has to put together a really good portfolio still, so really, anything can happen. It's just good to know that his work in his class is paying off.

I'm still just working... that's it. I recently got a membership to Costco, and I've decided that it's amazing. It's just super easy to spend way too much money. I'm also trying to learn InDesign, and learn a little bit more about graphic design. I think that would be a fun field to get into. I probably won't ever do it for a profession, but it would be fun to do on the side just for me. I am going to create a cookbook as my first venture into design. I'm trying to learn how InDesign works and little bit about design first, before I start working on it. We'll see... I may just start working on it and playing around with the program to learn things. I haven't scrapbooked in a super long time. It's sad. I really want to work on this cookbook first, and then I'll get back into it.

That's really it that's up with us. I wish we had some cool things to post, like exciting vacations and fun pictures but... we have nothing. I almost never take pictures of us, and it's pretty sad. Maybe if I were to get a new DSLR camera.... haha, I can dream.


  1. Renae!!! We were only in Utah for about 3 days so we had to squeeze some stuff in. Sadly, you didn't make the list of things to do. Ha, just kidding. It went by so fast, when we were on our way to Texas I was like, are we really doing this? What happened to the last couple of weeks? Too late for trying to avoid your family--I'm seeing Ryan today. I like your family. You're okay too.

  2. It's fun to read up on your lives. I'm so excited you finally made it to Zions. Zions and the Tetons are my two favorite places. The Narrows and Angels Landing are my two favorite hikes. They are amazing!!!! Words can't describe them, you just have to experience it huh?

    I feel bad for you that you don't have the internet but way proud of you for being responsible and not paying for it. I'm sure it's hard. Let's plan an internet party when you finally get it. Although really, it's probably better for your marriage NOT to have it. Keith and I sit by each other but don't talk as we browse the internet. Sad.

  3. You said you're going to make a cookbook for yourself. Does that mean you have lots of recipes? I would love to trade some recipes if you have some yummy ones. Eric hates eating the same thing more than once a month or so, it's made me get very creative at times. I'm just up for finding new and easy recipes whenever I can.



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