Monday, July 21, 2008

Let me explain... and maybe I'll update

The title of our little blog is now Hill Yeah. I just wanted to explain where this came from. Kyle served a church mission in the Philippines (that part isn't important, what's important is that he served a mission) and his trainer liked to call him "Elder Hill Yeah". It's just stuck after that. I think it's entertaining, so our blog is now name... Hill Yeah.

While I'm here, typing things, I guess I'll update the blog on the status of our lives. Basically... everything is still the same...

Kyle is still going to "Design Boot Camp". He still likes it. He's still really busy. We still hope and pray that he gets into the program this August. He's starting to feel the pressure... August is almost here, the end of the term is coming and that means his portfolio is due. Wow... I can't believe it's almost here... let's hope for the best!

I still go to work, clean the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, attempt to cook dinner... except, now I do all of those things in the reverse order as before. I have started working 2 pm-10 pm. Yeah, it sounds like it stinks but really, it's not so bad. I like working by myself, that means I can get the things done that I want to get done, and I don't have to wait my turn for a machine. It is a bummer that now Kyle and I only see each other in the mornings, which most of the time I am only half awake just long enough to make him a lunch and go back to bed, and in the evenings when I get home from work, wide awake and ready to stay up late because I slept in way too long that morning. It's great. Really... things are good. My job has been posted as a full-time position. I applied for it and now I am just waiting to interview for it. The job was posted for me, so even though there are 8 other applicants, I should get the job. If I don't... then something is messed up, because it's my position to begin with. Anyway... we're really hoping for the best. Working full-time would be awesome, because that would mean more money, and BENEFITS! Maybe I can actually go to the dentist and take care of the 50 million cavities that have been growing in my mouth for the past 2 years. I'm supposed to interview tomorrow, but I was also supposed to interview on Thursday, then Friday, then today so... we'll see. I would really like to just get this interview over with... I'm sick of wearing a skirt to work.


  1. Good luck with the job. That's exciting! Great new blog design. Did you do it or Kyle?

  2. I got the background from a website. I really want to figure out how to make my own though. I just haven't had any time to try to figure it out. I'd love to learn though.

  3. Haha. Oh the UPB. That would be really awesome to have a full-time job. 3/4 time really is crappy because it doesn't make you care enough to do a lot of work but you have to care a little because you work longer than most other people there. Benefits would make you actually care about the work you're doing. You know? Anyway, as I was reading your blog I realized how cool you really are. I miss interacting with you at the UPB. Sadness. BUT, I do see Sis. Thorpe a lot, so that's almost like seeing a part of you (kinda). She said your grandpa bought an iPhone. That sounds so like him. Ha. Anyway, I miss you and I hope you're happy at the UPB and I'm sorry you've had to wear a skirt there. You're probably the only one there that has been wearing a skirt.

    P.S. Drew and I LOVE your new blog name. Nice. Very nice.

  4. oh, another p.s.

    If you haven't already looked, Kristin wrote to a little "letter" to Robert Almond on her blog. You should check it out, it's awesome and brings back some, uh, fond memories.

  5. I actually did see Kristin's letter to Robert. It's hilarious, I really loved it. I commented on it. I love that girl. Also, what's this about you just now realizing how cool I really am? Do you really have to miss me to realize my awesomeness?

  6. Sometimes you just forget, you know? Let's just forget about it and be friends forever. Yes?

  7. It's ok. I still love you and forgive you. We can definitely be friends for ever.



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