Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Overdue Update

Kyle and I have been super busy the past month. Here's what we've been up to:

Moving: It's true... we moved. Kyle has two sisters and a brother who are moving to Provo this summer. We were fortunate to find a house to rent that has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc... on the main level, along with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and den in the basement. There is also a separate entrance to the basement from the outside as well as from the inside. The house is pretty old and neglected, but it fits our circumstances perfectly. It is also a 5 minute walk from BYU. So far we are loving it. Our ward and neighborhood is really good, plus we have twice the amount of space that we've had in our past apartments. Apart from the actual work of moving, we have been busy trying to get the yard in shape. Kyle has spent a lot of time working to beautify our front yard. We've gotten quite a few compliments on it, so we're glad other people appreciate the hard work we're putting into it.

This is a before picture of the front yard of our house. It looks better now, but I don't have an updated picture at the moment. We'll eventually take an after picture and post it.

Raccoons: Who knew that raccoons are a problem in Utah? I had no idea... until we discovered a family of them living in our ceiling. Yes, in the ceiling. Our first night in the house I woke up and thought I heard purring. I told Kyle I thought there was a cat hanging out in our window well, or something. At the same time we also heard scratching above us and thought there were birds building a nest or something in the rain gutter. After a few mornings of being woken up by our cat/bird Kyle got up on the roof to check things out. He came back not seeing anything, but I still heard the scratching and noises. We determined that we had something living in the ceiling. At first we thought it was a cat that went up there to have babies... but we never heard any meows. Eventually we heard definite non cat-like sounds. Yeah... turns out that raccoons purr and make crazy noises. We went two weeks living with a mother raccoon and her babies living above us, scratching and purring and making noises. It was a little disturbing, but also kind of fun to have a "pet"... which we really didn't want. Our management company was not so helpful in getting rid of the animals, so we were forced to wait it out. Eventually one night, at 1 am the mother decided it was time to move. She left, sat outside and called her babies out, while they had to try to find their way through the ceiling to the hole in the side of the house she had come through. 1 1/2 crazy noisy hours later they were gone and we haven't heard from them since. While "moving out" the babies were crying out and making a ton of racket, so much it woke our neighbors up. It was nuts. I wish I could describe it. Of course after the fact we thought of recording the noise, but it was too late. Oh well... they're gone and we're happy.

This is Kyle at about 2:30 am in his raccoon hunting attire. He went up on the roof to check things out.

Wedding, Trip to Texas and Washington: My dear roommate and friend Jenn was married in the Dallas Temple on June 6th. I flew to Texas, along with my mom and roommate Lauren, to go to the wedding and see Jenn. We stayed in Mansfield with my cousins and had a blast being introduce to Texas and it's crazy ways. We also were able to spend time with Jenn getting manicures and at a bridal shower. The wedding was also good. It was fun to see Jenn looking so beautiful and so in love. While I was in Texas Kyle went home to Washington for his sister Brittany's high school graduation, which just happened to be June 6th as well. He spent a fun week at home with his family. After the wedding I followed and flew from Dallas to Kennewick and Kyle and I drove home together. It was nice to get away for a little while.

Baby Update: I'm now at 19 weeks. I went in this week for my monthly doctor appointment. Not much really ever happens, I kind of wish there was more to it... but I guess it's good that there's not. It just means that at this point there's nothing to worry about. The baby's heartbeat is normal. Hearing the heartbeat is what I look forward to most about the appointments. I have started to feel the baby move around. It's pretty fun. I feel a little something most every day. I'm excited for when it'll be stronger and more often. It's so reassuring to feel movement. Kyle can't wait for the day when he is able to feel some kicks. He likes to put his hand on my belly and tell the baby to kick, but nothing has happened yet. Maybe sometime in the next month or so...

This Wednesday (June 24th) is our big and exciting 20 week ultrasound. We're super excited to find out what gender our baby is. Then we can start having some real fun and doing some preparation for Baby Hill. I'll be sure to post an update next week after the ultrasound!


  1. Oh man, I seriously laughed out loud at Kyle's raccoon hunting outfit. That is a hilarious story. I'm glad you posted a picture of your house...I've been wondering what it looks like! I wanna see more! I'm also glad we took a Renae-face picture, just like at your wedding, but I kind of look ridiculous. ;)

  2. Reading posts like that make me miss you so much! I would love to go racoon hunting! Plus I can just see Kyle telling your little baby to kick! too funny! Anyways take care and I can't wait to find out whether you have a boy or girl!!

  3. Your yard does look so good and it's only been a month. You guys are going to be good for that house. You'll bring it to life.
    I'm glad those raccoons are gone. How nice that they just left, but too bad it was so noisy.
    I can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or a girl. I'm so excited for you!

  4. Wow! You have been busy! Congratulations on your new place. Are you living with Kyle's sisters and brother now? I wasn't sure about that from your post.

    That's awesome you got to go to see the Thorpe cousins. Cool. Was anyone there but Madi?

    I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. Make sure you post!!

  5. AND - I'm so glad the raccoons are gone. I wouldn't have liked that at all but now that it's over I assume you'll have fun memories of the whole thing.

  6. I wanted to add that my blog is now
    miss ya

  7. okay the raccoon attire is just awesome.
    glad to hear your pregnancy is going well!



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