Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July

Kyle's family was in town for the 4th of July. By family, I mean parents, siblings, aunt, uncle,cousins, and two family friends. It was a fun and busy weekend. We started off our weekend by hitting up Cabela's. After Cabela's we went to Jump On It. I don't have any pictures of Jump On It right now, I'll try to get some to post later. The kids (Kyle included) had fun jumping on the trampolines and getting rid of some energy. That evening we went to Brick Oven for dinner. It was as good as always. The balloon man also did a spectacular job... we love the balloon man. On Saturday (the 4th) we started out our morning by doing the Freedom Run. Kyle and his dad and brother ran the 5K. The rest of us did the 1 mile walk/stroll. It was fun. The only pictures I snagged from my friend Jeanie were from the Freedom Run, so that's all I have to show. After the Freedom Run the boys went back to Cabela's while the girls took their time getting ready. Then we all met up at Trafalga and spent our afternoon there. After Trafalga it was time to gear up for Stadium of Fire and the Jonas Brothers. Stadium of Fire was really cool. We all enjoyed it a lot. Even those of us with no interest in the Jonas Brothers. The fireworks display was really sweet, the best we've ever seen.

Here is Kyle's dad finishing the 5K. He's in the blue... and yes, he beat both of his sons. I should explain that he runs 3 miles every other day and works out the other days. He's in excellent shape.

Here is Kyle struggling to finish. Actually... I was really proud of him. He was running at the end and didn't look too bad. He was happy that he ran the whole way. For not preparing for the run ahead of time he did pretty good.

This is Kris, Kyle's brother (also in the blue) finishing up the race. I'm proud of all three of them for running the 5 K... plus another 1/2 mile. They were running late for the start and ended up running down to the starting line and then 4 minutes later running the 5K. They really went the extra mile. :)

Kyle and I after the race. See how sweaty and tired he looks... and I didn't break a sweat. I like the 1 mile walk. :)

Here's the whole crew. Yes, we had this many people staying at our house over the weekend. We're glad we have a place big enough to allow that.


  1. How did you fit that many people in your house? I'm sure it was a blast though! By the way, I love seeing pictures of you and Kyle together. You always look so happy and in love. It's great and you look good for a pregnant woman!



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