Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Past Weekend: Dallas

My mom flew in to Austin on Wednesday (May 12). We had lots of fun shopping at the Round Rock Premium Outlet Mall. That place is pretty awesome. Lots of good shopping. Hailey got this super cute outfit.

On Saturday (May 15) my cousin, Aubrey, married Kyle's friend, Michael Qualls. We drove up to Dallas for the wedding. We had fun spending time with friends and family.

Weddings make for long days... Hailey was exhausted.

This picture is so precious. This is my Grandpa Park (Haiely's Great-Grandpa) with Hailey. He was so cute with her. I have a video of the two of them I really want to post, but haven't been able to upload it. Hopefully I'll get it up in a day or two.

Here's Aubrey and I at her reception. Doesn't she look so pretty? Congrats Aubrey! (By the way, yes, I did cut my hair. Chopped it off in fact. It had to be done.)

What do you do with a cranky baby? Put them in a garbage can full of wrapping and tissue paper. It'll buy you at least 5 minutes of happiness.


  1. I love that you stuck your baby in the trash! hahaha!!!

  2. Renae and Kyle and Hailey,

    We miss you. A lot. Eva wants her friend back. And so do Holly and Brad. You all looked so cute at your cousin's wedding. We hope you're enjoying Texas!

  3. Thats so fun you got to go to her wedding! Cute hair!

  4. Aubrey looks so great! Also, her dress looks just like mine from the bottom down. I agree that the picture of your grandpa and Hailey is precious. She is getting so big!



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