Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: San Antonio and Round Rock

Kyle's parents were in town this past weekend. On Saturday we spent the day in San Antonio. Our first stop was The Alamo.

Stop number two was the Riverwalk. We took the boat tour, which was fun, especially since I wanted to see the Riverwalk, but didn't want to walk all over it. It's pretty big, and it was hot.

Stops number 3 and 4: The Mexican Market at Market Square and the outlet malls in San Marcos. We didn't take any pictures at the Market, but Hailey did get a "Don't Mess with Texas" t-shirt. In San Marcos we found Hailey a pair of cowboy (or girl) boots.

Sunday and Monday were spent in Round Rock. On Sunday evening we went to see the round rock that Round Rock gets it's name from. The round rock was once a landmark for longhorn cattle drivers. They would drive the cattle from southern Texas to northern Texas. The Round Rock area is one of their stops along the way. Apparently the town was originally going to be named Brushy Creek (this is the river that runs through the town), but Brushy Creek, TX already existed somewhere else, so instead it was named Round Rock. The round rock isn't what I expected. I was picturing more of a sphere. Instead it's a flat circular rock. Quite a bit of the river is dried up, so you can walk along the exposed riverbed. There you can still see ruts from the wagon wheels that crossed the river.

On Monday we went to the outlet mall in Round Rock. Hailey got herself a pair of styling sunglasses.

It was a pretty fun and busy weekend. We're glad Kyle's parents came to visit.


  1. Love it when the parents come to visit, looks like you guys had fun. And I LOVE the cowgirl boots!!!

  2. Hailey looks so cute and so big! Eva's really jealous of her awesome cowboy boots. It looks like you guys are having so much fun!

  3. love the boots! texas looks like so much fun!



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