Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July (on July 16th)

Due to rain our 4th of July was postponed to July 16th this year. On Friday evening we went out to the park to enjoy the city of Round Rock's 4th of July festivities. It included vendors selling arts and crafts and food, a pepper eating contest, petting zoo, Sam Bass shoot out reenactment (which is apparently some big part of Round Rock history that occurred on Main Street way long ago), sky divers, Austin Symphonic Band, and of course, fireworks. Hailey had a lot of fun watching people and their dogs, and visiting the petting zoo. She watched the beginning of the fireworks but got bored pretty quickly. Here's a few pictures.


Kyle and Hailey watching the skydivers.

On Saturday Kyle took Hailey swimming. She's been a couple of times and is still a bit unsure about it. She did start to splash in the water a little bit, so hopefully by the end of the summer she'll be enjoying it more.

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  1. She looks so adorable in her itsy bitsy polka dot swimsuit!
    I am surprised that Texas of all places had to delay the 4th due to rain, I find that funny considering I'm in Seattle and ours went off right on time. However yours did have a lot of cool stuff going on. Maybe next year we will have to come down and experience the Texan way of celebrating Independance Day. You can sign me up for the Pepper eating contest :)



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