Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo Shoot #1

Towards the end of our stay in Texas I began running out of things to do during the day. So, I began playing with the camera. Naturally, Hailey became the subject of most of my photo shoots. Here's a little bit of a look into her blossoming personality.

I'm lucky to have gotten the first picture. Hailey was too busy with other things to entertain me.

Hailey loves to look at people sideways. She's so weird.

Hailey is an intense drinker. She leans all the way back, tips the cup all the way up, and comes up gasping for air.

And then throws the cup on the ground.

More pictures involving less Hailey to come later. Well, a little less Hailey. It all still revolves around Hailey, as does everything I do. 

Oh yeah, we're back in Provo. More to come on our adventures post Texas.


  1. their little personalities are amazing, aren't they? :) she's a cutie!

  2. So cute! We miss her big blue eyes in Sacrament Meeting.
    Emma looks at people sideways too, especially while she is sitting in her highchair. So funny! Glad you are back in Provo safe and sound.



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