Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Camping

We took Hailey camping for FHE this past Monday.

IMG_2551_touch up

Kyle and I received a tent as a wedding gift, almost 4 years ago. And we’ve never used it. Seriously?

We set it up for the first time. In our living room. It was awesome. Or well, it would have been, if we had thought things through more.

Our intent was to set it up, cuddle together with lots of blankets and pillows and watch a movie. What we didn’t consider was the height of the tent. The problem?

IMG_2548_touch up 

The tent interfered with the projector. The movie was projected onto the tent, and not the screen. Bummer. No movie night for us.

But, it was still totally worth it. Hailey went crazy with excitement over the tent. She ran around and around and around…  She was fun to watch. And impossible to control.

IMG_2561_touch up

So, things didn’t work out like we had anticipated. But, at least we have finally actually set up our tent, and Hailey got to get out some serious wiggles.


  1. You guys are awesome parents. For a second there, I thought you went camping in the snow!

  2. At first I didn't think much of it (people camp her in the winter all the time) and then I remembered you are in Utah. Then I was awed by your insane snow camping-with-a-baby attempt. I love this so much though. We've done this a few times and the kids love it. Hailey looks like such a doll!



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