Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Bash

I mentioned in my previous post that my family got together to celebrate my Grandpa Park’s 80th birthday.

IMG_0263_touch up

Grandpa Park with Hailey (6 months)

I love my Grandpa. He’s so fun, and the most considerate, loving, and hardworking person out there!

The party involved all of my dad’s siblings and most of my cousins and their kids. My aunt Leslie reserved the cultural hall in her church building for us to use to celebrate. We ate BBQ from my grandpa’s favorite restaurant, indulged on awesome cupcakes with a surprise cookie center, laughed and enjoyed a slideshow of pictures of the family, and learned a little bit more about Grandpa through an interview.

Of course, I hardly took any pictures. I really need to get better about pulling out my camera. I DO have pictures of the entertainment for the kids.

Have you ever heard of a wiggle car? They are pretty sweet little cars for kids that move when you wiggle the steering wheel. My aunt rounded up enough of these cars that each child had one of their own to ride around on. I don’t think most of the kids ate anything. They had so much fun! Hailey (and Kyle) loved it too.  

Grandpa Park's 80th birthday bash

My aunt Valerie is awesome at face painting. She set up shop and painted all of the kids faces, including Hailey. Hailey got a rainbow painted on her face, complete with glitter. She wasn’t so sure of it, but we thought it was pretty fun!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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  1. awww! cute pictures :) and you can't forget your mom getting her ears pierced!!

    love, madi!



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