Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slip ‘n Slide

It’s finally warming up around here. It’s hard to believe that we’re hitting July and it’s just starting to stay consistently in the 80’s and up. We’ve been loving the temperature. It would be perfect, if the wind would stop!

This weekend turned out to be pretty nice. Warm and no wind. Hailey and Aunt Corinne spent sometime outside on the slip ‘n slide. Hailey didn’t get the concept of slipping and sliding. She enjoyed sitting and splashing in the puddle of water at the end. Whatever makes her happy.

Thanks Corinne for playing with Hailey! She loved it!

Slip 'n Slide


  1. I love your picture collages so much. And my fave picture? Defintely the one where Hailey and Corrine are drinking the water!

  2. Hailey is so so cute. The picture where she is trying to drink the water is classic. Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. Love those chubby legs! Too bad they don't look so cute when we're older. ha



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