Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sister the Senior

My little sister, Corinne, is a senior in high school! Really? And that makes me how old? Hah. We’ll talk about that next week. I’m totally in denial about my age right now.

Just before we left Kennewick, I went with Corinne and got my haircut. Nothing crazy, just a trim and added some bangs. Anyway, we both left our appointments with straight hair. If you have curly hair, you know it takes FOREVER to straighten, unless you have a super nice, super hot flat iron, which I don’t. Since straight hair for us curly haired girls is a rarity, Corinne wanted some Senior pictures taken while her hair was still straight. On a whim we went out and I took pictures. These are my favorites of the 400+ pictures I took. (Ridiculous, I know.)


Isn’t she beautiful!?


  1. Oh my gosh! No she is not a senior! That means we are getting old Renae! haha. She does look beautiful!

  2. Totally beautiful. But where are the pictures of you? :) Didn't you learn so much from a photo shoot? I do! Great shots!

  3. Renae and Julie, we are so getting old if this girl is a senior. I didn't realize how fast life would happen to me. It's crazy isn't it?

    Anyway Renae. I want to see pictures of you with straight hair. I haven't seen any in years with your hair like that.

  4. Those photos look professional! She looks great! I love the ones with the red door in the background. Nice work!

  5. These are some nice pictures, Renae!

    PS: I have always been jealous of your curly hair. Mine is just wavy and always requires extensive fixing...want to switch?



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