Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shapes and Colors

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Since we moved away from family, and it’s just me and Hailey during the day again, I’ve been looking for activities for the two of us to do. You can only read the same books so many times a day before you go crazy. One night after looking all over the internet for ideas of things Hailey and I could do together I came up with this idea.

Hailey's Shapes

I made a page of shapes on the computer and printed it out. I cut out the shapes on that page, and then used those shapes as templates to cut out more shapes from different colors of construction paper. Hailey and I then taped the shapes to the wall in her room. She went crazy. She loved it! Just putting the shapes on the wall was super exciting and fun to her. At first she didn’t get how to get the shapes to stick to the wall. But she has it figured out now.

We’ve done a few activities with these shapes. We scatter them all over the wall, and then I ask her to find all of the [blank] shapes. She goes back and forth looking for all of those shapes. Her attention span only lasts through one finding all of one shape, or not even that long. That’s ok. I’ve also asked her to find certain colors and she will pull those off of the wall. Today we sorted shapes. I put up labeled shapes and then she pulled a shape off the wall and we put it underneath the corresponding shape.

We do a little bit here and there. I leave it up on the wall all day and we come back to it occasionally.

IMG_2789_touch up

I also had her color a page with the shapes and colors. The goal was to have her color each shape the appropriate color (color the blue rectangle blue…). I also wanted her to put the appropriate colored sticker in each shape as well. She had fun doing this. I definitely had to give her some direction, but I’m sure with practice she’ll figure it out.


  1. What a great idea! Combining learning and fun all into one. Plus it didn't cost a zillion dollars from Toys R Us. I will be remembering this one!

  2. So fun Renae! I will be using this too in the future!

  3. I'm definitely stealing this idea! You are one good mama!

  4. I LOVE these ideas.... I will definitely be using them with my little one.

  5. Is that painters tape you used? I am having a hard time finding tape that doesn't wear down easily, any ideas?

    Thanks (:

    1. I think I did use painters tape. Or it might actually just be masking tape that is blue. I did end up having to put new tape on frequently. My daughter is much older now, so it's been a while since we've done this activity. You could do the same thing with a flannel board, just cut the shapes out of felt or flannel instead of construction paper.

  6. Oh okay. Well I bought foam ones and our walls are textured. I can't find anything that stays



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