Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Totally Made My Day, Yesterday

Want a good laugh? Check out my awesomely awesome (yes, I meant to put two awesomes together) and great friend Jennifer’s blog.  She posted some pretty hilarious pictures of the two of us. At least they’re hilarious to me, and to her.

Jenn and I were roommates at BYU for all 4 years we were there. She is the only roommate I ever shared a room with. On top of living together we also took multiple classes together, attended church together, worked together…. we did everything together.

randomness 014

Can you believe we were dumb enough to both apply for the same job our freshman year? There were two job openings in the copy center on campus. We called, one right after the other, sitting next to each other, and set up interviews back to back. Neither of us even thought about what would happen if one person got the job and the other didn’t. Luckily we were both hired. And it was awesome.

So, go on, take a look at some of the many crazy and fun things we did in college. Sometimes I miss those days. It was so fun!

Thanks Jenn!

P.S. Check out how curly my hair used to be! It just won’t curl like that anymore. Darn baby hormones.

P.P.S. On a totally different note, Hailey and I walked to a local bakery and picked up some fancy pants cupcakes for my birthday. Root beer float, red velvet, and vanilla. It may be October, but it sure wasn’t fall weather yesterday. By the time we got home with them I was soaked in sweat (gross, I know), and the cupcakes looked like this:


Sad, huh? The whole walk home I watched them slowly melt. Note to self: next time take a cooler. Anyway, these cupcakes totally reminded me of my cake a few years ago. Check it out. :)


  1. I had a roomate much like her too! Oh, the college days! I sometimes miss them. Yes, those pictures made me laugh. :)

  2. Oh man, it makes me laugh every time I remember the story about us both applying for the same job. I'm SO glad we both got it - we had some fun times there. I wanted to post a picture of us at Cougar Creations, but I surprisingly don't have any!



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