Monday, October 31, 2011

The Zoo (Halloween Part 3)

After spending some much time on Hailey’s costume, I really wanted her to be able to wear it more than once. On Saturday, Oct. 29, the Hogle Zoo was hosting trick-or-treating. Hailey loved the zoo when we went at the end of August, so I thought she would enjoy going again and this time she could wear her costume.

The zoo was… a zoo. Seriously. There were so many people there! I guess we should have expected that. It took us 30 minutes to find parking. Hailey almost started crying when we started driving away from the zoo in search of parking, thinking we weren’t going to stay. People were waiting in line to trick-or-treat. Some of the lines were ridiculous. It was all local businesses giving out coupons and candy. So of course all of the parents wanted coupons for Red Robin and Chipotle. We skipped over most of the booths and went searching for animals.

Halloween Zoo

Despite it being super crowded, we were able to get pretty up close with a few animals, like the tiger and giraffe. We also saw an elephant, rhinoceroses, camels, a gorilla, an orangutan, monkeys, and of course the peacocks, turkeys and chickens that roam the grounds.

We took Hailey out trick-or-treating to a few houses in our neighborhood tonight as well. She was pretty shy and unsure of what was going on. By the end she was getting more friendly and excited about the candy in her bag.

I think we’ve had a pretty fun Halloween. Now if only more people would come trick-or-treat at our house. We had 2 children come. That’s it. Anyone want candy? I have plenty left over.

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  1. You guys are really cool parents! You do cool things and you look cool doing it! Hailey is so lucky!



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