Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bountiful Temple

Last week I posted about Kyle’s parents coming into town and watching rugby. In that same trip, on Sunday we decided to drive up to the Bountiful Temple and walk around the grounds. The temple, like all temples, is beautiful. It’s set way up on the hill. The temple overlooks the valley.

IMG_3152_touch upIMG_3180_touch up

Bountiful Temple

Poor Hailey was so tired. She slept the whole time in the stroller. After the weather being so cold things warmed up that Sunday and it was nice and sunny. Most of my pictures ended up with sunspots on them from the sun. Oh well.

We’re glad Kyle’s parents came to visit. And we can’t wait to visit with them again when they come this next week!

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  1. That's where we were married! :) It's beautiful.



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