Sunday, November 20, 2011


1. Hailey has picked up on our first names. I don’t think she gets the concept that my name is Renae and Kyle’s is Kyle. If you ask her what our names are she says mommy and dad. But, she loves the reaction she gets when she calls us Renae (she says it “enae”) and Kyle. Sometimes she does it when she’s trying unsuccessfully to get my full attention. “Mommy. Mommy. Mom! Renae!” It’s seriously the weirdest thing to hear her say my name. This week she has started calling me Renae-mom. I hear Renae-mom more often than I hear mommy or just plain old mom.

2. One day Hailey tooted. I said, “Hailey, what do you say?”, expecting to hear an “excuse me”. Instead she declared, “I DID IT!”. (Backstory: I checked out the book Potty by Leslie Patricelli, from the library. Hailey loved it… I wish she loved it enough to potty train herself. Anyway, at the end of the book the baby goes “tinkle, tinkle, toot!” and then says “I did it!”.)

3. In the kitchen after dinner somehow Hailey ended up on the floor. She was in a silly mood, doing silly things. She spotted a stray piece of peach on the floor and was instantly attracted to it. While reaching out for it exclaimed “Mmm… peaches!” (Not such a funny story in words, but trust me, at the time it was hilarious.)

4. Hailey has been going around the house saying “Shake ya booty, shake ya bum”, while shaking her hips.

5. One night I mentioned to Hailey that it was time for bed. She said something in reply, we just didn’t know what. We understand about half of what Hailey says. The rest of it is a guessing game. I couldn’t figure out what she was saying, finally Kyle figured it out. Hailey was asking to read scriptures. She also randomly prays. I think it’s cute, and a good reminder to us of what is important and that we need to be good examples to her, so as she gets older she’ll continue to want to pray and read scriptures.

6. Recently at dinner Hailey has had a mind of her own. She’ll eat some, or none, of her meal and then say she’s all done, or she wants something else (like fruit). We tell Hailey she needs to eat all her food first. So, she dumps her food off of her plate onto her tray and thinks that because it’s no longer on her plate that she’s all done.

7. Despite our recent troubles getting Hailey to eat everything we set out for her, Hailey overall loves to eat. I swear she’s always hungry. Anytime she’s hungry, morning, noon or night she’ll go into the kitchen, jump, throw her arms up into the air and exclaim, “DINNER!”

8. On Saturday we hauled Hailey all over the Salt Lake Valley shopping. The end of our trip was at the Gateway mall. Every time we walked into a store Hailey would say “no, No, NO!!” Each no getting progressively louder and more desperate. As soon as we left the store she was fine. And then it would start up at the next store. It was hilarious. 

IMG_3402_touch up


  1. Man, I can't believe how big she's getting! Sounds like she a lot of fun and a handful sometimes. I hope you guys are doing well?!?

  2. Hailey sounds like a riot! Totally get the peaches story... I can just imagine. ;)

  3. I love reading about Hailey's personality. She sounds like such a goofball! I need to copy you and post some things about what Eva does because I am realizing that I am starting to forget. Uh-oh!



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