Monday, November 14, 2011

Twenty-seven (again)

Someone turned 27 in our house today. And it’s not me this time!

Kyle is 27Kyle is 27_2Kyle is 27_3

Yep. Today is Kyle’s birthday! He’s finally caught up to me in age. There are 6 weeks between our birthdays, and during those 6 weeks Kyle likes to tease me that I am older than him. Now I can relax until October rolls around again.

What a fun guy Kyle is. Hailey and I sure love having him around. Sometimes (most of the time) I am old and boring, but Kyle still puts up with me. And I appreciate that. Hailey loves to play with him, and thinks his tickles are the best thing ever. 


Happy Birthday Kyle! We love you!


  1. Okay, maybe I'm the only person who couldn't see it, but I just realized who Hailey looks like. She looks just like her dad, it's awesome! Happy Birthday Kyle! Guess what? I'm still younger than you! I hope 27 doesn't suck though, it's coming up rather fast for me now.

  2. Happy Birthday Kyle! I seem to recall a picture in front of some purple flowers too... and soccer shorts just like that! HAHA! Seeing these pictures, I think Hailey looks like her papa.

  3. Happy Birthday Kyle! I can't believe how much Hailey and Kyle were twins as toddlers! Keep having fun over there!

  4. Well, now we know who Hailey looks like ;) Awesome!

    Happy Birthday to Kyle!

  5. I know this has been said.. but Hailey really, really looks like Kyle! Crazy! Happy Birthday to Kyle.



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