Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hailey turned 2 years old yesterday, on Tuesday.

The birthday festivities actually began on Sunday. Hailey and I flew home for the weekend to Washington on Saturday (Thanks “Ra-ra” Hill!). On Sunday we got together with both sets of grandparents for cupcakes and ice cream.  

Hailey is 2

Hailey was super excited for her birthday. While eating her cupcake she kept saying “Happy Birthday!” The next day when she saw the cupcakes on the counter she pointed to them and said “Birthday!” Hailey and I flew home Monday evening. It was a quick trip, but fun.

Then on Tuesday morning I decorated Hailey’s door. Kyle and I went into Hailey’s room to wake her up before Kyle left for work. We found her totally asleep, so we quickly and quietly moved the balloons into Hailey’s crib to give her a fun surprise when she woke up. She loved it! The balloons were a hit.

Hailey is 2_2

After Kyle came home from work we had pizza and breadsticks and opened presents. Hailey was so excited for presents. After she opened each toy she wanted to immediately play with it. We had to quickly hide it so she’d open another present.

After presents we had a birthday cookie. I didn’t want to make a whole cake or 2 dozen cupcakes for just the three of us, so cookies it was. From Sunday’s party Hailey knew exactly what to do with the candles. In fact, she blew the candles out before we turned the lights out. We had to light them again. 

Hailey is 2_3

Happy two years Hailey Hill!


  1. You are such a cool mom! Birthdays are so much fun (especially when she knows what's going on)! Happy Birthday Hailey!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hailey! I love that you put balloons in her crib. I wish I could wake up to a bed full of balloons!



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