Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it Christmas yet?

I am so incredibly anxious for Christmas this year. I am just so excited! This is the first Christmas Kyle and I won’t be going home. It’s our first Christmas all on our own. It is also the first Christmas Hailey will get into. She is now old enough to get excited over toys, presents and Santa. More importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to teach Hailey about the birth of Jesus and introduce her to what Christmas is really about.

Christmas Tree
We don’t have a whole lot of Christmas decorations, but at least we have a tree! Even if it is only 4 ft. tall.

Christmas 2011
The bottom left picture is my favorite ornament on our tree. It was designed and made by Michael, a classmate of Kyle’s at BYU, who also married my cousin Aubrey. It is a nativity scene made of three different layers. One layer for the shepherds, one for the wisemen, and one for Mary, Joseph and the baby Christ.
The one thing we were lacking this year were stockings. And I really wanted stockings. It just had to be. I couldn’t find anything I liked, either to make or buy. Until I came across this tutorial from teal and lime. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. And I totally had the grey felt already. It was left over from one of Kyle’s school projects. I never thought I’d ever use it up. But I did!
Kyle of course, had to be difficult, and said he wanted logs instead. Really, logs? So, we came to a compromise. Kyle made his log-stocking, and I made mine and Hailey’s.

IMG_3903_touch up
And I love how they turned out. Nice and clean and simple. Maybe next year we’ll find a real way to hang them. Right now they are hanging by pipe cleaners, fashioned into hooks, and taped to the mantel. But, no complaints, at least we have stockings. Santa can come now. :)
Is it Christmas yet?


  1. Cute stockings! You know what we did for our 4' tree? We put it up on a table (specifically a Lack from Ikea). Makes all the different and makes putting gifts under it and watering it easier! Just a suggestion for next time.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas



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