Monday, December 5, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

My parents, my sister Corinne, and their exchange student Caroline, drove out to Utah this year to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We’re so glad they came! It was a weekend filled with bowling, some pie making, plenty of eating, shopping and family time.

Thanksgiving 2011
On Thanksgiving Day we started out with bowling in the morning. It was Hailey’s first bowling experience. She enjoyed it, but struggled a little bit with taking turns. We were there for an hour, which was plenty for Hailey. By the end she was most definitely read to leave. After Hailey’s nap we headed to my aunt’s house in Sandy to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my dad’s family. The food was good, as usual, and the company was great.

That evening we headed out to Target close to midnight to join in with the Black Friday madness. Just for fun. It turned out to be not so fun for my mom. She ended up getting sick and throwing up at Target. After checking out we called it quits and took my mom home.

On Friday, while my mom stayed home trying to recuperate (She was up sick all night. Poor Mom!), we headed out to Sandy to do some shopping at the biggest Forever 21 I’ve ever been in. The South Towne Mall has a Forever 21 the size of a department store. Two floors and all. It was awesome fun. We spent too much money, but certainly had fun doing so. Our spoils are now wrapped under the Christmas tree.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening in Salt Lake City. We joined the crowds in Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. We met up with my Uncle and his family there and strolled around for a while until we thought our toes and fingers were going to freeze.

All in all it was a fun weekend. Although, I think I kept Kyle too busy. He was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying his time off from work doing nothing and enjoying football. Sorry Kyle! And I of course didn’t take enough pictures. And the ones I have aren’t great. But, oh well.


  1. That does sound like a fun weekend! Jed went bowling for the first time too. And I totally understand about too much busy and noisy family; we were so ready to be home on Sunday. :)

  2. Sounds like a crazy, but fun weekend! If you ever to to SF again, you should go to the Forever 21 has like 3 floors and each one is color coded...crazy! Ha ha.
    Curtis (as well as the rest of us, of course) got to go bowling too but it was duck pin bowling...pretty fun and hard!



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