Sunday, January 8, 2012


1.08.12_touch upDishwasher? I dream of the day we have one again.

Pretty sure Kyle and I have both walked into the kitchen the past couple of days, had the thought of cleaning the dishes, and each walked out because there was just too much to wash. Tomorrow. The dishes will get washed tomorrow…


  1. I feel ya, Renae! You just have to do them everyday...that's the only way they don't get overwhelming. That's what I've learned. At least now I'm not in school so I have more time to get them done!

  2. This is what my sink looks like every day. Sigh.

  3. Sending sympathy! We lived for two years in NY without one... it sometimes took me 45 minutes just to clean up from the day! Yuck. Now that I have a lovely dishwasher that works like a dream, I will NEVER EVER take it for granted!

  4. i have a dishwasher and my sink still looks like this... crap.



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