Thursday, February 23, 2012


02.23.12._touch upAbsolute heaven.

Kyle loves Legos. Loves, loves, Legos. They allow him to feed his creativity.

He has a huge collection of Legos at his parents’ house. The last few times Kyle talked with his parents, he asked them to bring Legos with them when they came to visit us.

I couldn’t believe it, but they actually brought one suitcase full of only Legos, just for Kyle. He is one happy boy.


  1. Fun!!! I'm so glad he has his legos again. I'm sure Hailey will love them soon too. Megan has some pink legos. They are coming up with more and more girl Lego products.

  2. Awesome! Does Kyle remember playing with nerf guns at his house and shooting the ugly prince at the end of Beauty and the Beast? Yeah, funny memory. :)

    You guys have been busy, busy having fun!!!

  3. Jess! "I" remember you all playing with the nerf guns... lot of fun times and memories with the Wade kids!!!!



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