Monday, April 23, 2012

04.23.12- Our Garden

We spent our FHE Monday back and forth between Home Depot and Walmart. Hailey came home from nursery yesterday with a seed planted in dirt, in a dixie cup. It gave us the thought, “Hey! Why don’t we plant our own garden?” So we did.

We don’t have the luxury of owning a home, with real dirt to plant in. So, we bought a couple of pots to keep on our porch. We bought one Roma tomato plant, and one sweet green bell pepper plant. Kyle named them Chroma Roma and Sweet Billy Bell. :)

Hailey had fun helping Kyle plant.


IMG_6414_touch up

Yay! Our first garden! Here’s hoping to growing some vegetables!

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  1. That's awesome. We decided Monday to grow a few things on our patio too! We are going today after work. Your pots are really cute. We're lame and just planting them in an extra big storage bin we have. I think we're doing a tomato plant and strawberries. :)



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