Saturday, May 26, 2012


05.26.12_touch upKyle and Hailey posing in front of an A-10.

Today was the first day of the Warriors Over the Wasatch air show at the Hill Air Force Base near Ogden, UT. Besides just the air show, there were also stationary airplanes on display. Kyle and I decided to check it out. It was free and sounded fun. 

The day was gray, looked like rain, but we decided to give it a try anyway. Ha! As soon as we made it through the security checkpoint it started to sprinkle. No big deal. Then it started to get pretty windy and chilly. We saw an airplane doing tricks in the air, which was pretty cool. But then we decided we needed to pick up the pace and speed through the display. Kyle was super excited to see an A-10 airplane. Of course it was clear on the far side of the base from where we entered. So we hurried through the sprinkling rain and wind. Found the airplane, snapped a quick picture, and made our way to exit. While we were heading back the real rain started coming down. The wind picked up and we were W.E.T. We ran through the display, but before we made it to exit I was already soaked. Kyle had a water proof jacket with a hood, and Hailey was well covered in her stroller. But not me. My hair was soaked, water was dripping off my face, and my pants were drenched. Once passing through the exit to the air show, we still had to make approximately a 1 1/2 mile long trip back to our car. We ran as much of the way as we could, while the rain was still coming down. It was cold, it was wet, but it was so much FUN! Can you believe we were laughing the whole way to the car?

Not the best day for an airshow, but we enjoyed ourselves. How often do you let yourself get soaking wet and run through the rain? I certainly try to avoid it. But this time, I loved it!

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