Friday, June 22, 2012

Bus to Salt Lake City and Back Again

It had been a while since we had done anything extraordinary. I felt we were due for some fun. I chose to ride the bus from Bountiful to Salt Lake City. We invited Ellie and her mom to join in on the fun.

We played in the children’s museum at Temple Square. Which really, was totally great. It’s not very big, but it’s free. We were there for over an hour. The girls had so much fun! 

IMG_3622_touch up

Hailey loved driving this car. Both girls especially loved dressing up in big twirly skirts and dancing to the latin music.

Hailey and Ellie dancing at the Children’s Museum

After the children’s museum, we went across the street to City Creek and ate lunch outside. Then we went on a hunt for a restroom so the girls could change into swim suits. A security guard outside told us the closest restroom was inside Nordstrom on the second floor. We found the escalator to take us up, but I had our umbrella stroller. Normally this isn’t a big deal, the stroller is small enough it’ll ride up the escalator just fine. And usually Kyle is with me. This time I had Hailey and the stroller, and Hailey wasn’t sitting in it. I started up the escalator with the stroller and Hailey froze. She’s riden the escalator before, but this time was nervous to start up by herself. I had to bail from the stroller at the last minute to help Hailey onto the escalator. Up went the stroller alone, with Hailey and I trailing a little ways behind. It was a funny sight. Brianna and I were cracking up. Needless to say, we found the restrooms, got the girls changed, only to realize on the way out that there was a restroom on the first floor that we could have used instead.

IMG_3648_touch up

Hailey and Ellie had so much fun playing in the fountains. They were running all over and screaming.

IMG_3653_touch up

Just look at the pure joy on that girl’s face! We ended up staying later than we had planned, because we were all having so much fun! This meant that we weren’t sure what time the next bus came for us to catch a ride back home. We tried to quickly get the girls changed and hurried to find a bus stop to take us back to Bountiful. As we were crossing the street, I spotted a bus a little ways down at a red light. We ran as fast as we could while toting two toddlers, only to miss the bus. We were so hot and so tired, and we had time to kill before the next bus. So… we bought ice cream and popsicles at the gas station by the bus stop. Totally worth it to miss the bus. :) 

IMG_3656_touch up

It was a super fun trip. Kind of hectic and I wouldn’t do it often, but definitely worth it.

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  1. It sounds like tons of fun. I forgot about the children's museum. It looks cool.



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