Monday, June 11, 2012

A Week in Washington

Hailey and I left Kyle for a week at the very end of May and flew to Washington.

IMG_3586_touch up

Miss Hailey, who is now 2 1/2, no longer flies for free. Sad day. But, that meant she was spoiled with her very own seat. She did great. Hailey cracked me up. I gave her the window seat. On our flight to Washington we sat just behind the wing. Hailey spotted the wing out the window and said, “Look mom! Airplane arm!” Clever girl.

The big reason Hailey and I made the trek to Washington was because my little sister, Corinne, graduated from high school. (Remember when I took some senior pictures of her?) I can’t believe she’s all done with public education. I remember thinking, long ago, that I would be so old when Corinne graduated. 2012 sounded so far away. And now it’s here, and I’m really not that old. :)

IMG_3591_touch up

It’s off to BYU-Idaho in the fall for her! Yay Corinne! It’ll be so fun! There are some days when I miss college and all of the fun we had. I had the best roommates. Seriously.

Not only did the end of the school year bring graduation for Corinne, but it brought an end to Caroline’s stay with my family. Caroline was a foreign exchange student from Sweden. My family loved having her with them. And I loved being able to get to know her a little bit on a few occasions.

IMG_3611_touch up

One of Caroline’s favorite American finds is frozen yogurt. Before she left for Sweden, my family went out for frozen yogurt one last time. Hailey and I were lucky enough to tag along. Mmm… I love ice cream and frozen yogurt way too much.

Speaking of love and food…

IMG_3616_touch up

Bruchi’s: A sandwich shop, specializing in cheesesteaks and subs. My favorite? The Chicken Malibu. Chicken, ham, pineapple, cheese and mayo. I always add a little fry sauce (Yes! Fry sauce outside of Utah!) and fries (Which are so good… crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.) And it is amazing. And now I’m hungry.

Bruchi’s is our absolute favorite place to eat. Whenever we’re in Kennewick we eat there as often as possible. This trip I made it 3 times. And it was so good. And I always ate way too much. But it was so worth it.

IMG_3620_touch up

Our last trip to Bruchi’s was in honor of Kyle’s sister Chelsie, who celebrated her birthday the day we flew back home. Chelsie’s sandwich of choice is the kids turkey and cheese sub. I tried to get a picture of Hailey and Chelsie enjoying their kids meals, but Hailey was too busy being Hailey. Oh well. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Chelsie! And thanks for picking Bruchi’s. Always a great choice.

We had a great trip and loved visiting with family and friends. Hailey was in heaven with new-to-her books and toys. And I loved letting her loose and partially ignoring my motherly duties. I love vacation. Let’s do it again!

No worries about Kyle. Really, I think he enjoyed being a bachelor for a week. He was able to get things done he’d be wanting to do for a while. And he signed up for a free trial of Netflix (which we’re still taking advantage of.) He was set with plenty of Top Gear and movies to watch. It was as much of a vacation for him as it was for us, minus having to still go to work. :) 


  1. Sounds like such a fun trip! All the Bruchi's is making me super jealous. I can't even remember the last time I ate there... isn't that sad?!

  2. Sounds like you had so much fun. Matt's favorite TV show is Top Gear too. He LOVES it. I can't believe how old Corinne is and how old we are. :)



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