Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kyle’s First Product to Market

I don’t write about Kyle on this blog often enough. Poor kid.

I know I’ve mentioned Kyle’s profession before, but it’s been a while. Kyle is an industrial designer or better understood as a product designer. He currently works for Metropolis Design in North Salt Lake, UT. He works with clients that come in with an idea they want to market. He helps them with the ideation and design of the product. Kyle loves what he does. Seriously, finding the industrial design major at BYU was a huge breakthrough for Kyle. It is perfect for him, and he is perfect for it. A match made in heaven. :)

Kyle has been working full-time for just over a year now. He finally had his first product go to market with units sold. It’s exciting!

Kyle’s boss has started a side business called Salem6. Salem6 is a company that currently specializes in the design and manufacture of accessories for the MKA 1919 magnum 12 gauge shotgun.

Kyle has designed all of the parts Salem6 has to offer. So far there has been a pretty positive reaction from shotgun enthusiasts. Just last week Salem6 placed parts ready for order, and already they’ve had some sales.

Guns really aren’t my thing, but Kyle enjoys them. He’s had a lot of fun at work spending time designing accessories. I’m so happy to see him enjoying his work.

If you visit the Salem6 website, you’ll see another part of Kyle’s work. He designed the website from scratch- which I’d say is quite impressive. I’d love to learn how to do that!

Kyle also did the logo design:

There’s a peek inside what Kyle does at work.  I still need to post about how Kyle gets to work… Stay tuned. :)


P.S. I entered my hipster bag into a purse sewing contest on the blog A Lemon Squeezy Home. It was chosen to be in the top 10! Follow the link to check out the purses and vote for your favorite! (Voting is open until Monday Oct. 22nd at 11:59 MST)


  1. That's Kyle in that photo in the gallery isn't it? He looks pretty much the same as he did in 7th grade... just with a shotgun.

  2. Way to go, Kyle! That's stinkin' awesome! His job does sound like fun.

  3. That is awesome! We visited the website and saw the picture of Kyle holding the gun, Andy said that Kyle should be wearing hearing protection. haha.

  4. Ummm, I am pretty designing guns is about every guy's dream. Way to go Kyle!!! It's a pretty sweet looking gun!

  5. Wow Kyle! That is so impressive! Keith will be so excited to talk to you about this. Wow!

    Renae, your bag is the best one!! I love it!!! That cute Chevron Bag is a close second though. You've got some tough competition, but I sincerly like yours the best.



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