Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Hailey Joye!

Our little girl is 3 today!

IMG_3586_touch up

She is definitely becoming more and more of a little girl, not so much of a toddler, and certainly not a baby.

Hailey loves to be girly. She loves having her nails painted, shopping, trying on shoes, and she loves skirts and dresses. She is picky about her skirts and dresses. They absolutely must twist and spin. If they don’t spin enough, she won’t wear them, or if I can get one on her, she will complain to me about it.


On the flip-side, she is a little athlete. She loves to play soccer and throw balls. She often suggests to play soccer, which we do in our living room (since we currently don’t have any furniture in there.) She has even suggested it to her friends, who willingly play, even though I don’t think they really know what soccer is. She loves to watch sports with Kyle and even cheers and yells at the screen. She is already a major BYU fan and knows the end of the fight song and sings it proudly.

IMG_3699_touch up

Hailey is a major goofball who loves to have fun. She loves to run around and be silly. She is also a bit of a drama queen and likes to draw out her complaining and crying.

She has figured out how to be sneaky- or at least tries to be. Anytime she asks to have her door closed we know something is up.

Hailey has become very independent. She dresses herself- and changes her clothes 3-4 times a day (once it was more like 10 times. Every time I saw her she was in something different!) Since we moved into our house she has been sleeping in a toddler bed. She does great, for the most part. In the mornings when she wakes up she often tries to make herself breakfast (which leads to a mess for me to clean), she opens the blinds, and she plays in her playroom until Kyle and I get up.

04.28.12_touch up

Our child is also potty-trained. Hooray!! Oh, life is so good having a potty trained child. Except for when they want to go in and use the bathroom every time you pass by the restrooms at the store. Otherwise I totally and completely love it.

Hailey is intelligent and has a great memory. It is often surprising and amazing the things she remembers. You can’t put anything past her. Hailey knows all of her letters, upper and lowercase, and knows what sounds they make. She can count to 13 or 14 and then skips around to 20. She is beginning to show interest in writing, and knows how to write the letter H. Hailey loves to read. She reads and reads and reads. The house will often be quiet and I’ll call out to Hailey and ask what she is doing. She most often yells back “I’m reading books!”.

She loves to help. She always wants to help me unload the dishwasher, and I often find clothes on the floor that have been taken out of the dryer because they are done. She will eagerly help me put her clothes away. Her toys… that takes a lot more motivation for her to get done. But, she will eventually do it.

IMG_7309_touch up

We absolutely love having Hailey in our family. She brings a lot of happiness (and silliness) into our home.

first snow

Happy happy birthday Hailey Joye!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEY!!! :D I can't believe she's 3. Quite exciting!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Hailey girl!!!! Rara Hill LOVES you!!! and oh how I wish we were there to help you celebrate!!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Hailey!! Time goes by fast, huh? While reading this post I couldn't help but notice all the similarities between Eva and Hailey.. skirts/dresses must be twirly, loves BYU football, etc. I think they would be best friends! We just need to move closer together to make it happen:)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEY! She sounds like a riot. I'd love to hear her sing the fight song. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Hailey! She is so cute. I can't believe how big she is now. Brooklyn is just like her, her dresses/skirts have to twirl or she is so sad! :)



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