Friday, December 21, 2012

Keira: One Week


It has been one week since Keira joined our family. In some ways it feels like she has been with us so much longer. I sometimes forget that she is still so new. Other times I am blown away that it’s already been a week. The week flew by! And I’m sure the next week will fly by as well with Christmas to enjoy.


Kyle and I struggled to pick out a name for Keira. We were still undecided after she was born. We had a list of names to pick from, but we just couldn’t narrow it down to one. Once we met her, Keira was the name that felt like it fit. Then we had to decide on a middle name. That was left up to the last minute- literally. We were planning to leave the hospital, but needed to finish filling out the paperwork for Keira’s birth certificate. I had every blank filled in, except for her name. Again, we had multiple choices, but in the end we chose Ann- naming her after my Grandmother and sister Corinne whose middle name is also Ann. Keira Ann was actually the very first name we had come up with months ago but just couldn’t commit on. Hailey shares a middle name with Kyle’s Grandmother and his sister Brittany, so I guess it was just fitting that Keira have the same. Now that it’s been a week, I still love her name.


Keira so far has been such an easy going baby. She happily sleeps a majority of the day away, and when she is awake she is generally happy to quietly look around and take in her new environment. She rarely fusses, and when she does it doesn’t last long. Instead of crying she mostly shrieks and whines, which are pretty funny to listen to. She sounds like a raptor or a Nazgul (from Lord of the Rings). She will let you know how much she doesn’t like to have her diaper changed, to get dressed or have a bath. We’ve heard some decent cries out of her then. But, even that is pretty pleasant.


Hailey loves her baby sister. She refers to her as her baby or baby sister. She knows her name is Keira, but we’ve been calling her baby sister for so long, it’s hard to change. Hailey loves to help dress her and thinks she should wear a skirt everyday, just like Hailey likes to do.


My parents were here for Keira’s birth. They have since left and we’re now on our own. I’ve made it through two days of being home with both girls on my own. Everyone is still alive, so I think we’re doing well. Actually, the two days really haven’t been that bad. It helps that Keira sleeps so much right now. Ask me again in a few months and I may not be quite as optimistic. :)

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  1. Keira is so adorable!! She looks like she belongs to your sweet family. I love Hailey in all the pictures. She is so cute too!! Sisters are so great. I am glad to hear that you guys are doing well. It is amazing how fast children and even mothers can adapt to having two children at home. Congratulations on the cute baby.



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