Monday, January 7, 2013

A Sunday of Firsts

Yesterday was a day of many firsts for our family. To start with, it was Hailey’s first Sunday as a Sunbeam in Primary. Yes! My little girl is in Primary now. And I’m so excited for her! She now gets to attend Primary activities, sing in sacrament meeting for Mother’s and Father’s Day, and be a part of the Primary program in the fall. She also will have the opportunity to pray, share a scripture, and give a talk in front of the other Primary kids.

Hailey's first day as a Sunbeam

Sunday was also Keira’s debut at church. I know some people think I’m crazy for going back to church after just three weeks, but I’m home all day, everyday. I need to get out.

Keira's first day at church

I made the skirt Keira is wearing. If you want an easy skirt that twists and twirls well (it exceeds Hailey’s standards- so you know it’s good), check out the Circle Skirt by Dana at Made. She also has a premade pattern for 0-3 months, which is what I used.

Sunday was also the beginning of new church curriculum for the youth. Kyle and I teach Sunday School to the 12 year olds. We like team teaching the youth. It’s our second time with a calling like this. The first time was three years ago when Hailey was born. The new lessons are less structured and more geared towards discussion. It will require more work on our part, and more input on our students part. It’ll require some adjustment, but I think it will be good.

And, just because I can, how about one more picture of our cute girls?

Sunday of Firsts


  1. I love the skirt. I have also used that pattern and it is wonderful. Your girls are so cute.

  2. I know isn't it crazy that our girls are in sunbeams?? I remember the playdates we used to have (all two or three of them ;) and now they're grown up and going to primary. Also, I feel like I've said this before, but you are the best at choosing fabrics. love the pattern!

  3. Thanks for all your kind comments! I usually reply, but have no idea if you get them or not. :) Isn't being a mom of two the most fun and exhausting thing ever? That skirt is adorable! It makes me want a girl... in a few years, of course.

  4. The skirt is so cute and pretty! But how do you find time with a newborn? You amaze me!

  5. Kathryn, don't worry. I made that skirt weeks before Keira was born. I haven't found the time to even think about sewing yet.



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