Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas was pretty low-key this year. We stayed in Utah again this year. It was just the four of us. To be honest, we kind of like it this way. Yes, we miss family. But, it’s just so calm and quiet and relaxing when it’s just the four of us.

Kyle had some vacation and sick days left he needed to use up before the end of the year. He took the Friday before Christmas and Christmas Eve off, plus he got Christmas Day as a holiday, so we had Kyle to ourselves for 5 straight days in a row. It was so nice!

On Christmas Eve day we lounged around in the morning. Eventually we got everyone all cleaned up and dressed and went out to eat at Chick-fil-A. We LOVE Chick-fil-A.

We took naps in the afternoon and then Kyle and I worked on dinner. One of the best parts of doing our own Christmas, is starting our own traditions. We’ve decided homemade pizza and root beer floats is the thing to eat on Christmas Eve. We made two pizzas this year: BBQ chicken and pepperoni. It was so good. Hailey loved the root beer float. I think it was a first for her.


Another tradition of ours, carried over from Kyle’s family, is puzzles. I bought two puzzles this year, one for Kyle and I, and one for Hailey. I went a little crazy and got a super hard puzzle for Kyle and I. I thought the picture was cool, but didn’t think about how hard it would be to put together. It was a picture of a peacock with it’s feathers spread. The peacock wasn’t too difficult. It was the feathers that all looked a like that made it so hard. Kyle did most of the puzzle- I’m not very much help at puzzle making. It took about a week working on it here and there in the evenings, but he got it finished. Unfortunately, I never got a finished picture.


Hailey’s puzzle was a cute sesame street wooden puzzle I found at Target.


While everyone worked on puzzles, Keira napped.


Sometime the week before Christmas, Hailey made some salt dough ornaments with a friend. We finally got around to painting them. I really wanted to make some handprints of both girls, but I never did it. Oh well.


Christmas morning Hailey was a little stinker and went down to the tree without waking Kyle and I. I asked her the night before to wake us when she woke up. I don’t know if she totally understood what Christmas morning entailed, or maybe she just forgot. Either way we missed out on seeing her reaction to her Santa gifts. Next year we’re setting up a barricade.


I didn’t take very many pictures on Christmas Day. I just didn’t feel like it. I wanted to relax and just enjoy the moment. We opened presents, enjoyed some breakfast casserole I had cooking overnight in the crock pot, and just relaxed. Hailey’s Christmas ended up being themed around books, games, and puzzles. It’s given us plenty of fun new activities we can do together, which I appreciate. Both girls also got some new clothes. Me and Kyle’s Christmas was centered around food storage. I’ll post more on that later.

We had a fantastic quiet Christmas!


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