Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Haileyisms: 3 Years (Part 1)

Just about every evening when we put Hailey into bed, before we leave the room she puts in her request for what she’ll eat for breakfast. One evening she requested octopus (“ah-pa-pus”) yogurt. I laughed and said ok. I thought it was totally random, but went with it. The next morning she got into the fridge and pulled out her octopus yogurt.

Octopus Yogurt

And then I understood. And laughed again.

This fall our neighbors, Terry and his wife, (Terry was one of Hailey’s nursery teachers.) decorated their lawn with a scarecrow. But just his backside.

what's terry doing

I hadn’t seen it yet, when Hailey, while looking out the window and referring to the scarecrow, asked me, “Mom, what’s Terry doing?”

Hailey’s friend Ellie invited her over one afternoon to play in her brand new sandbox that her dad had made for her. A few days later Hailey asked to have Ellie come play in her sandbox. I told her that would be fun, but she doesn’t have a sandbox. Hailey responded so casually with “Kyle need to make it.”

One day walking through the garage Hailey spotted Kyle’s unicycle. She informed me, “Mom, that’s a unicorn.”

For Hailey’s birthday, one of her friends gave her a unicorn pillow pet. Her first response to it was, “What is it? A yak?”

To celebrate Hailey and Kyle’s birthdays we went to Red Robin with Kyle’s brother and sister and their friends. Since we had such a large group, we were given a free appetizer. After our meals (Hailey almost completely devoured hers), we were also brought two mud pie desserts, one for Kyle and a smaller one for Hailey. When I say smaller, it was still big. The small one fed me, Kyle and Hailey. The rest of the group shared Kyle’s. Hailey was intently eating her ice cream when she suddenly put down her spoon and said “I’m done.” Followed by, “I ate too much.”

In December the older nursery kids who would be going into primary in January were taken into singing time to introduce them to primary. After church we asked Hailey what songs she sang. She began singing “Once upon a time there was a snowman…” (Instead of “once there was a snowman”)

During dinner one day, Kyle and I were talking about maybe buying some barstools and painting them a fun color. We were going over what possible colors we could do. Hailey, silent up to this point, chimed in with “How about pink?”

On Sunday Hailey was playing in her room before church. I poked my head in her room and saw her sitting with her Little People zoo animals sitting in a semi-circle in front of her. She was waving her hands as if directing music

She told me that her animals were singing. She then sang, while directing her animal choir, “Ho-she-bup, ho-she-bup, ho-she-bup. Who wants to swim? I do! (as she picked up the fish) Ho-she-bup, ho-she-bup, ho-she-bup. Who wants to roar? Me! (as she picked up the tiger) Ho-she-bup, ho-she-bup, ho-she-bup.” I think what she was really singing was Toshiba, occasionally her ho, came out as to. (My computer is made by Toshiba.)

After church, a member of the Primary presidency came up to me in the hall. She said Hailey was hilarious in singing time. She said she sat next to Hailey, and asked her “Do you have a cute baby sister?” Hailey responded with “Yeah. She cries a lot. But she’s a baby, so it’s ok.” I was told she also twirled and showed off how her skirt spins to her primary friends.

Follow the link for Haileyisms: 3 Years (Part 2).


  1. These were hilarious. She is so funny! I think it's awesome that you are recording some of these memories.

  2. These are hilarious! Wish I could get to know Hailey in person!

  3. She is so cute! I love this stage.
    And she's right her daddy can make anything!

  4. Haha, these are awesome! I'm pretty sure her and Luke would be friends :)

  5. Haha! Those are so funny! What a fun age! :)



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