Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keira: 6 months

 Keira reached her half mark this month. Six months old!

Her latest and greatest trick is sitting up all on her own. She mastered it towards the end of last month. She loves it. She still doesn't roll, but she is perfectly content to sit and play. She has no idea  what kind of movement she is missing out on.

She sits great, with no support. Occasionally she tumbles over, but it's usually a pretty soft landing.

She may not have any interest in rolling, but that doesn't mean she doesn't like to move. She is a jump-'o-maniac. She loves to jump, jump, jump! Just watch:

She will play in the jumper for sometimes up to 30 minutes. Happily bouncing away. She gets the biggest smile on her face, and starts to bounce before I'm able to get her feet all the way through the seat.

Everything that makes it in Keira's little grasp goes straight to her mouth. She tries to grab at everything she sees. If she doesn't have anything to hold onto, she chomps on her fingers instead. Typically 3 or 4 at a time.

We've introduced Keira to the world of solid foods. She gobbles it all up. She has enjoyed rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, peas, green beans, squash, and sweet potatoes. We've also indulged her with a little bit of mashed up pear, banana, and lime. Rara Park treated her to some smoothie with strawberry, banana, and orange. She really loved that. We have also given her a large piece of carrot or celery to gum on while we eat dinner. That keeps her pretty well occupied.

Keira is the messiest and noisiest eater. Kyle compares her to Bill Murray's character on the movie, What About Bob. She makes mmm noises with every bite. She is extra messy when eating because she brings her hand to her mouth with every spoonful, getting food all over her hand and anything else she touches. We now have to hold down her right hand while she eats, to keep the mess under control.

Keira is no night owl. She starts to get cranky just after 6. She takes 3 naps a day, with the last being between 4:00 and 5:00. Despite the extra sleep, she just isn't built for staying up late. Our bedtime routine consists of dinner (some sort of solid), bath, pj's (a onesie), bottle, then bed. Bathtime is becoming a fun part of our routine. She gets so excited whenever I start up her bathwater. It helps to ease her crankiness. Bedtime generally is around 7:00.

She has the funniest fuzzy hair. It always sticks up. I love to feel it and rub her head. It is so soft! In some light it looks light brown, other times it looks blonde. Time will tell, I guess.

6 month stats:
weight: 17 lbs. 13 oz. (85%)
length: 27" (90%)
head: 16.25" (20%) 


  1. Oh my! Those last two pics are to die for. I'm sure she is even cuter in person. Happy six months!

  2. What a CUTIE!!! I cannot wait to see you all in a few days! :)

  3. Her jumping!! SO CUTE! Man. I can't believe Macie and Keira are 6 months old...crazy!

  4. I love her fuzzy hair! So adorable!

  5. Oh her chubby legs and fuzzy hair are so cute! I love reading about your cute family!



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