Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bike That Once Was

We are a one car family. Moving to our house last year put Kyle farther away from work. He used to be able to ride his road bike the three miles to work everyday. We had a very mild winter, so he was even able to ride most days in the winter, leaving me access to a car when I needed it. 

The three miles to work turned into 12 miles, a much longer ride. Doable, just not everyday. A second car wasn't much of an option for us at that point. So we looked into buying a motorcycle. Kyle's co-worker's brother-in-law (follow that?) was selling a bike. We considered it. 

What sealed the deal, was when we met the bishopric in our new ward, we learned that one of the counselors owns two of the Harley Davidson's in Utah. I heard that and knew it was going to be a done deal. We were able to take the bike in to the dealership and have the mechanic check it over for us before we bought it. 

We did buy the bike. But, Kyle didn't know how to ride it. He was able to take a class at the Harley Davidson dealership in Ogden. It really worked out great. Everything that needed to happen just kind of fell into place. 

Kyle rode this puppy as often as he could for almost a year. Unfortunately this winter was super cold and super wet. I was left without a car fairly often. Which really was ok most of the time. I was inside with my new baby anyway. 

But, Hailey will be starting preschool in the fall, which means I need a car two out of five days to get her to and fro. We need to figure something else out for this winter. So, Kyle made the decision on his own and sold his bike. Which he loved. I was sad for him. Maybe someday he can get another. For now he rides his road bike to catch the commuter train and from the station in Woods Cross rides his bike into work. It's working. For now. :)

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  1. Our neighbor was in a motorcycle accident on his way home from work last month. Broke both wrists and an ankle. Actually, he is lucky to be alive! So needless to say, we are no longer motorcycle fans out of fear for our lives. I say go for a convertible, Kyle!



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