Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Garden Phase 2

Alright, again I'm super behind on posting about our garden. I've already taken pictures to update these pictures. So, here is what our garden looked like at one point in time. :)

Look at our cute pea plants popping up! Yay! Something is growing!

Kyle built a trellis for our peas to grab onto a grow. He read you get about 60% more fruit by growing them on a trellis. Here's hoping!

 If you look close you can spot our onions sprouting. 

The peppers we planted from seed never came up. So we're trying out tomatillos in their place.

 The grapes we inherited are budding. Maybe we'll attempt some juice or jam this summer? 

The raspberries we also inherited are growing! We're really excited for those. I have fond memories of picking raspberries in my grandparents' garden. It will be fun to pick them from our own this year!

There's a little bit of something growing in our cute little garden!

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