Saturday, June 22, 2013

The New Mr. and Mrs.

Last month Kyle's little sister, Chelsie, got married. Yay! 

We flew to Washington for it. Hailey, Keira, and I flew a week early while Kyle stayed and worked. Kyle flew out in the evening two days before.

This was Keira's first flight. She did pretty awesome. It was nice that it was just over an hour.

My cousin, Aubrey, recently moved from Texas to Portland. She made the three-hour drive to come visit for a day. It was so good to see her! Her little girl is just 4 days older than Keira. It was so fun to put them next to each other and watch them "interact" and see how similar but yet how different they are.

There was a bridal shower, swimming, and Bruchi's with a side of Bruchi's. And then the big wedding day came! 

It was crazy hot for May. Like 90 degrees hot. We were sweating. Hailey's pink cheeks are a testament to that.

So, let me tell you a funny story. Yes, it is a bit long, but only because I want to remember the details. So, from my perspective, it begins like this: Kyle and I left for the temple before most of the other wedding goers because we needed to be there early to attend the sealing. Hailey and Keira rode in the van with Kyle's sister Brittany and Chelsie's friend Bex to wait for Chelsie and Cody to make their grand entrance out of the temple. Kyle and I took his dad's truck on the way to the temple. We took his parent's van on the way home. When we pulled into his parent's driveway after the sealing, I noticed that one of my skirts was in the back seat of the van. I thought that was really odd, but just brought it inside. Later, Hailey went into the bathroom to go potty and I went to help her. I discovered that she was wearing a pair of Keira's bloomers for underwear. I began to say, "why are you wearing..." when Kyle's aunt Jen interrupted with, "I can explain." Turns out that just before leaving for the temple Hailey had a major potty accident in the bathroom. In all the rush to get myself ready, get my girls ready, and get out the door on time to make it to the sealing, I completely forgot to have Hailey use the bathroom that morning. She hadn't gone since the previous night, and this was sometime after 10 am. Anyway, major potty accident, all over her cute wedding outfit and all over the bathroom floor. Bless Aunt Jen for being around to help. The mess was hastily cleaned up and Jen quickly hand washed Hailey's skirt. I'm sure in all of the madness Keira's bloomers, which had flowers on them and totally looked like underwear, were mistaken for underwear and put on Hailey. There was no time to dry the skirt since they were literally 5 minutes from leaving. Hailey had no skirt to wear and apparently refused to wear pants for the drive to the temple, so she grabbed my skirt and wore that out to the van, explaining the skirt in the van mystery. Since there wasn't time to put the skirt in the dryer, and it was 90+ degrees outside, while Brittany drove, Bex held the skirt outside the van window and dried it by letting it flap in the wind on the way to the temple. It turned out just fine, and Kyle and I were clueless and able to enjoy his family's special day without knowing what had happened. I seriously would have loved to have seen the skirt flapping out the van window! I am glad I wasn't there when it happened, because guaranteed my patience would have been very short. Blessings upon blessings to Jen and crew for getting my girls to the temple on time! 

All in all, it was a long day for two little girls. But I'd say they really handled it pretty well.

With all of the excitement over the wedding, I forgot to take a family picture at the temple. I couldn't pass up a nice picture of the four us when we were all dressed up so nicely! Here we are outside of the church building for the reception. Hailey really didn't want her picture taken. Long day for Miss Sassy Pants.

Congratulations to Chelsie and Cody! Happy, happy, happy!

P.S. Kyle and I (mostly Kyle) designed Chelsie and Cody's wedding announcement. Check it out here.

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  1. I'm so glad you added the "skirt" story... I laughed just as much as when I heard about it the first time... I wish there were pictures!!! Bex ... you are the woman!!!! So thankful you didn't let go while Britt cruised down the hiway at 70 MPH!!!! and thank Renae for sharing! That was a great day!!!



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