Friday, September 13, 2013

Keira: 7, 8, 9 months

Whoops. Where did time go? Keira is 9 months old today! I seriously missed out on posting about Keira at 7 and 8 months. Here's a recap:

7 months 

  • Keira learned how to roll over. At the beginning of July she started rolling occasionally.
  • She began sleeping all night long. Yay! Around 7 1/2 months it clicked. Happy, happy day!
  • Bath time is happy time. She loves it. She begins rocking and bouncing when I turn the faucet on. Keira has learned how to splash in the water. Splashing is especially fun.
  • Keira eats finger foods. She loves puffs and gobbles them up. She will eat anything you give her. Especially fruits. She loves anything sweet.
  • I stopped nursing. Keira became too wiggly and distracted for me. I didn't feel like she ate very well nursing anymore. I put her on bottles and we have both been happy ever since. Keira holds her own bottles and is now free to look and wiggle around all she wants while she eats. And I feel better knowing that she has gotten enough to eat.

 I laid Keira down to have her before bed bottle and came back to find her having drained it and asleep on the floor. Poor tired girl.

8 months

  • Keira is rolling like crazy now. She moves all over the floor. I never find her in the same place I left her. 
Keira loves shoes. Must. Get. Shoes....
  • She is also crawling. Or semi-crawling. It isn't quite an army crawl, but it isn't full on crawling. She starts up on her hands and knees, like a crawl. She then lunges forward and falls onto her tummy. In addition to rolling, this is how she gets around.
  • Keira has mastered the pincer grasp. She has amazing dexterity. She can pick up the smallest objects, including thin stray hairs. Of course everything goes into her mouth. Even bugs. Rara Hill caught her with a rolly polly in her mouth. Yuck.
  • Standing is her favorite. She is able to stand holding on with just one hand. She gets so excited. She squeals and bounces up and down whenever you stand her up.
  • Keira has discovered her voice. She is a screamer. It has come and gone in phases. But when she remembers she can do it, she does it over and over, and doesn't hold back. Of course anytime she hears another baby screaming or squealing she does the same.
  • She started waving in just the past week or two. She does it when she wants to. It is starting to become more frequent though.
  • Keira loves a good beat. She loves music. She perks up immediately when she hears it. Kyle will sometimes drum on the table at dinner, she loves it. Sometimes she will hit the tray on her highchair trying to do the same.
Keira is such a funny girl. She loves to move, and sometimes is absolutely just wired. When she was first born we thought she would be so quiet and mellow. In some ways she still is. She is most often quite content to sit on someone's lap and observe her surroundings. Other times she is loud and energetic. 

This is my favorite face she makes. She scrunches up her nose and breathes in and out through it super fast. She sometimes even snorts. So funny.

We love you Keira Ann! Happy 9 months!


  1. That last face cracks me up! I love writing down what they're doing as babies. It goes by too quickly!

  2. Ah... My favorite little Hill :-) You need to bring her back to K-town!



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