Thursday, October 24, 2013

Haileyisms- 3.5 years

While shopping at the store with Aunt Brittany, Hailey took along her purse with her wallet. Brittany went up to the register to pay for the items she wanted to purchase. When Brittany went to pay Hailey held up her hand and said, "Hold on. I got this!" She then pulled out one of her play cards from her wallet (we give her the fake credit cards that come in the mail) and held it up to the cashier. Brittany politely scanned Hailey's card and then her own.

One nice fall afternoon I took Hailey and her friend Grace out for a ride on my longboard. They both sat with their legs crossed while I pushed them from behind. Hailey had on one of her absolute favorite skirts- a circle skirt that flares out when she twirls. The skirt became caught between the wheel and the pavement and tore. When Hailey saw the rip she immediately burst into tears. I hugged her and asked if we should turn back around. She said "No. Let me fix my eyes. I need to get the water out."

After a trip to the zoo we stopped off for happy hour drinks at Sonic. Hailey got a small strawberry limeade. When she got to the end of her drink, she opened up the lid and exclaimed "Ohhh! That's so nice!" I looked back and saw her excitedly holding up a lime.

My mom went out for a run one morning. After she came back and Hailey saw her, she greeted my mom with "Hello sweaty girl!".

The morning after my mom got her haircut Hailey greeted her with "Hello short hair!"

On our road trip to Washington this summer Hailey did pretty well. Except for a stretch of constant, "Mom." "Mom." "Mom!" Annoyed, Kyle told her you can't say mom anymore! Smart Hailey then responded with "Renae!"

Out front of our house is an old planter box. Hailey loves to dig in the dirt in it. One day Hailey found some rocks and decided to bury them. She told me she was planting them and was going to grow rock trees! She said they are going to grow sooo big. So big she can climb them and climb sooo high. I hadn't planted anything in the planter box and weeds were growing. She asked me to pull out the weeds so her rocks could grow. She informed me the other day that her rock trees are growing. I'm so glad. I was worried she would be disappointed.


  1. Hahaha! 'Hang on, I've got this.' AMAZING!

  2. Oh my gosh, every one of these made me laugh. I loved "hello sweaty girl" and "hello short hair" hahaha! She sounds adorable!



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