Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween at our house was a little more spooky this year. We were enchanted by a spooky witch with her black pointy hat, pink and black striped tights, black boots, and of course her broom stick. We were threatened a few times with magical spells to turn us into various animals and objects. Kyle and I escaped the witch's wrath. But poor Keira. Poor, poor Keira was turned into a duck and put into the witch's cauldron to be cooked into Keira duck soup.

Hailey makes a pretty scary witch, doesn't she? :) Cackling, broomstick flying and all.

Poor, poor Keira duck. Put into the pot to be cooked. But she did make a pretty cute little duck. Quack, quack!

Hailey was so excited about Halloween this year. Over the top excited. I was trying to brush her teeth before bed the night before and she was turning circles in the bathroom. Around, and around, and around... So much excitement! She had a Halloween party at preschool the day before Halloween. She wore her costume the entire day. Even to Target and Home Depot. For once I actually didn't care. She was excited and what they hey, it was practically Halloween. Plus, if I'm going to put time and effort into making her costume, she might as well get some wear out of it! (If anyone is interested, I used McCall's pattern M6690.)

I did not make Keira's costume. Well... I did make the yellow under shirt and orange pants (I used the Alex and Anna Winter Pjs pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop), but the actual fluffy duck costume was not my work. I saw it at the store and really just couldn't refuse. It was just too cute. Keira wasn't as big of a fan. There were a few tears shed over it and plenty of whining, but she eventually just gave in. I'm so mean.

It was dark by the time we actually set out to trick or treat, so I didn't get any pictures. Keira went along for the ride. Literally. We set the cauldron, with Keira in it, on one of our longboards and Kyle pushed her around the neighborhood. It was pretty fantastic.

Hailey had a lot of fun. She loved her costume, loved trick or treating, and of course loved the loot of candy she came home with. One great thing about Hailey is that she is willing to share, usually without hesitation. Even her candy. I love it. And Keira is happy to not have to wear the duck costume again. Quack, quack.

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  1. Of course you made that adorable witch costume! Your girls were too cute! I like that Keira rode in a cauldron on a longboard. That's trick-or-treating in style!



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